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GIGABYTE – Desktop PC – Mini-PC Barebone – GB-XM11-3337 (rev. 1.0)

Today we are reviewing the Gigabyte GB-XM11-3337 BRIX which is like Intel‘s NUC except Gigabyte have redesigned the chassis, changed the I/O, changed the BIOS and opted for some higher spec hardware. While Intel‘s NUC measures in at 1.55 inches thick Gigabyte’s BRIX is much smaller at 1.18 inches thick. In factthe Gigabyte BRIX is just a generally more compact unit than Intel‘s NUC. Furthermorethe wireless module is included as standardand USB 3.0 has been added too. Finallythere is a DisplayPort and HDMI instead of two HDMI meaning you have slightly more flexibility when it comes to display outputs.

GIGABYTE – Desktop PC – Mini-PC Barebone – GB-XM11-3337 (rev. 1.0).


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