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Gigabyte GTX 980 G1 Gaming 4GB Video Card Review

Gigabyte GTX 980 GV-N980G1 Gaming-4GD Video Card Overview »

DSC_4413In September 2014, Nvidia launched the second take on the Maxwell GPU architecture. This latest version of Maxwell promises better performance, lower power consumption, and more advanced rendering features. Gigabyte’s flagship video card is the Gigabyte GTX 980 G1 Gaming. Gigabyte claims their GPUs have been selected to ensure the best overclocking and the 600-watt cooler that sits up top should keep it cool enough to make it last. In fact, the GTX 980 G1 comes from the factory with a 1228/1329 MHz (core/boost) overclock compared to the reference design at 1126/1216 MHz.

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 Packaging and Accessories





The external packaging for the GTX 980 G1 is black and trimmed in Nvidia green. The back of the box features text and images that explain why Gigabyte feels their GTX 980 is above and beyond the competition.


DSC_4247Internally, the GTX 980 G1 is protected from damage via a closed cell foam insert and is further protected from static discharge courtesy of the anti-static back that is wrapped around it.

DSC_4248Under the card is the included accessories. The accessories include two 2-pin Molex to 8-pin PCI-E adapters for the consumers that maynot have a power supply with PCI-E connectors, a quick start guide, and a driver CD that includes Gigabyte’s OC Guru II overclocking software


GPU GeForce GTX 980
Core Base Clock 1228 MHz (std. 1126)
Core Boost Clock 1329 MHz (std. 1216)
Memory Clock 7010 MHz
Memory Size 4096MB GDDR5
Bus Type PCI Express 3.0
Memory Bus 256-bit
CUDA Cores 2048
Memory Type GDDR5 128Mx32
DirectX 12
OpenGL 4.4
DisplayPort 1.2 *3
HDMI 2.0 *1 (support 4K@60Hz)
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