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Gigabyte P2742G Gaming Laptop

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System Benchmarks


Gigabyte P2742G Gaming Laptop Gigabyte P2742G Gaming Laptop

I thought I would show some information on the processor and memory. The processor of the Gigabyte P2742G Gaming Laptop is the Intel Core i7 3630QM. The processor runs at 2.4GHz and can turbo boost up to 3.4 GHz. However, the Gigabyte P2742G does not use Turbo Boost. However, monitoring the CPU Speed I would see a momentary jump up to 3.0 GHz here and there. The configuration we tested came with one 8 GB module of DDR3-800 installed. The Gigabyte P2742G can support a maximum of 24 GB of ram installed. 

To kick off the benchmarks I though we’d show off the overall system and then get into the gaming benchmarks here in a bit.

Gigabyte P2742G Gaming Laptop

 The processor and memory combination fares well in this benchmark. Compared to similar systems in the AIDA64 database the Gigabyte P2742G performs right in line. I would have liked to see Gigabyte use either two 4 G modules or two 8 G modules to enable dual channel memory. 


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