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Gigabyte P2742G Gaming Laptop

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Gaming Benchmarks

The Gigabyte P2742G is labeled as a gaming laptop. In essence it should handle today’s latest games with some faction of performance and image quality. 

Gigabyte P2742G Gaming Laptop

First up in our battery of gaming tests are the FutureMark series. This includes 3D Mark Vantage, 3D Mark 11, and PC Mark Vantange. For the 3D Mark series I chose not to run the extreme settings. 3D Mark Vantage entry score was 28882, which according to the results submitted on line is right where the P2742G should be. The performance score was 11179 which is right in line with what other users are posting with similar hardware. 3D Mark 11 showed some lower scores due to the fact that that most systems I compared against were running a dual channel memory configuration. The configurations that I did find in with a single module were less than 1% difference. 

For the next few benchmarks I used the Adrenaline Benchmark tool. Each test was ran three times and then averaged. The Performance, Quality, and Extreme settings were used. 

Gigabyte P2742G Gaming Laptop

Bio Shock Infinite is the latest release of the BioShock series. Instead of being underwater you are whisked away to a city in the clouds. The game features impressive visuals. The performance settings averaged just over 100 FPS. Quality settings in the benchmark tool dropped the average down to 34 FPS while the extreme settings lowered the FPS even further resulting in 23 FPS. 

Gigabyte P2742G Gaming Laptop

The latest Tomb Raider is a reboot for the series. As Lara Croft you are ship wrecked on an island and must survive an onslaught of baddies as well as be adept in solving puzzles. The game features dense vegetation and immense indoor areas. Tomb Raider averaged 93 FPS on the performance level, 41 on the quality setting and 10 FPS on the extreme setting.  Tomb Raider features a new way to render hair called TressFX. Instead of the blobs that are normally rendered as hair, individual hair strands are rendered with semi-accurate physics. Even the higher end desktop cards see a large performance hit when this is enabled. 


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