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In Win 101C and Polaris RGB Fans review.

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I took thermal images of the In Win 101C and compared it to thermal images of the NZXT S340 Elite. Both cases are mid-tower cases with tempered glass side panels. Both are roughly the same side and sell for around the same price. As you can see in the thermal images of the 101C, the heat coming off the graphics card just kind of sits there. While the air around the radiator and fans is much cooler. Now, to be fair, I do have the pump and radiator mounted to the fans, and this may restrict a bit of airflow. Also, I ran the fans at a relatively slow 650 RPM. However, the S340 Elite has a somewhat similar setup and still moves a lot of air.

The S340 Elite has front mounted 140mm fans, rear 120mm fans, and a top 140mm fan. The front two fans draw air in, while the top fans and rear fan exhaust air. With this configuration, the S340 elite gets a cross breeze going on, and the thermals show it. In this thermal image of the S340 elite, you can clearly see the heat building up near the rear of the case and exhausting out the back and the top. Both thermal images were taken after the second graphics test in 3DMark’s Time Spy benchmark.

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