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Jetway JNC96FL-510-LF Mini ITX Motherboard

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  For testing I used Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 in 64-bit flavor. I felt like with the dual core processor that we might as well push it a tad. These newer Mini ITX boards with the Atom processors should be more than capable of running the better operating systems which push the CPU a bit harder. Also, though the NC96FL is capable of utilizing 8GB of memory, I chose to only install 1GB of DDR2 800 memory for testing purposes.

  Per Wikipedia – Super Pi is used by many overclockers to test the performance and stability of their computers. In the overclocking community, the standard program provides a benchmark for enthusiasts to compare “world record” pi calculation times and demonstrate their overclocking abilities. The program can also be used to test the stability of a certain overclock speed. If a computer is able to calculate PI to the 32 millionth place after the decimal without mistake, it is considered to be moderately stable in terms of RAM and CPU …. 

Jetway JNC96FL-510-LF Mini ITX Motherboard Jetway, Mini-ITX, Motherboard 1
Lower is Better

  We can see that the NC96FL clearly dominates the 1Meg-1min section of the test by shaving right at 11 seconds off of the time it took to calculate Pi. In the 2meg-3min section the NC96FL does even better by shaving almost 14 seconds off the time to calculate Pi.

  PCMark05 is an application-based benchmark and a premium tool for measuring overall PC performance. It uses portions of real applications instead of including very large applications or using specifically created code. This allows PCMark05 to be a smaller installation as well as to report very accurate results. Higher numbers are better.

Jetway JNC96FL-510-LF Mini ITX Motherboard Jetway, Mini-ITX, Motherboard 2
Higher is Better

  We see that the previous two boards were pretty much even in the PCMark05 Testing. However, the NC96FL-510 leaps past the previous two boards in the benchmark testing with considerably higher scores. It is clear that the dual processor is making quite a difference.

 AquaMark3 is a powerful tool to determine reliable information about the gaming performance  of a computer system. Because the benchmark extensively utilizes DirectX9, DirectX8 and DirectX7 functionality, it represents the requirements of typical gaming applications of current state-of-the-art games.

Jetway JNC96FL-510-LF Mini ITX Motherboard Jetway, Mini-ITX, Motherboard 3
Higher is Better

  The NC96FL-510 does pull ahead of the comparison boards in the graphics section, though only by a small amount. This is where filling the available pci slot with a suitable PCI video card would come in handy to improve gaming, as well as possibly a combination pci TV/Video card to upscale your video watching and etc. However, we do see the scores fair significantly better in the CPU and Overall sections of the test, where it’s dual core CPU gets the chance to shine once more.  

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