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Kingston HyperX Fury 2400 MHz DDR 4 Memory Review

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Benchmark Results


The AIDA64 suite has various benchmarks for CPU, FPU and memory testing: CPU Queen is an integer benchmark that tests branch prediction and misprediction penalties. CPU PhotoWorxx tests the SIMD integer arithmetic execution units of the CPU and the memory subsystem. CPU ZLib is a compression benchmark that tests the combined CPU and memory performance. CPU AES is a multi-core encryption benchmark that uses Advanced Encryption Standard data encryption. CPU Hash is an integer benchmark that measures performance using SHA1 hashing algorithm. FPUJulia measures single precision FP, FPU Mandel measures double precision FP, FPUSinJulia measures extended precision FP while FPUVP8 is a video compression test utilizing the FPUJulia fractal module.

aida64 (2)Stock aida64 (2)Best Timings aida64-13000MHz


Performance Test 8

Performance test 8 is another piece of benchmark software that can test individual system components. Here we used the Memory Mark Threaded test.

perftest (2)Stock perftest (2)Best Timings perftest-13000MHz


Sisoft Sandra 2015.SP1a

sandra-2Stock sandra (2)Best Timing sandra-13000MHz



7zip-2Stock 7zip (2)Best Timing 7zip-13000MHz


Euler 3D
Euler 3D is a fluid dynamic simulator that is based on an aeroelastic test wing. The wing has been tested at the NASA Langly research center as is the standard test used for validation of compressible CFD codes. Euler is extremely sensitive to timings, chipset, and CPU performance.

euler-2Stock euler (2)Best Timings euler-13000MHz


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