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Lian Li Expands Desk Lineup with DK-Q2 and DK-03 Desk Chassis

Known for their aluminum chassis and more recently for their desk enclosures, Lian Li has updated their design to conform with user ergonomic demands. The single-system DK-Q2 and dual-system DK-03 table tops now provide considerably more legroom than the initial desk designs. Both table top enclosures support water-cooling gear as well with the DK-03 able to house up to 480mm radiators.  Availability in the US is at the end of June in Microcenter with MSRP of $990 for the DK-Q2, while the DK-03 will carry a $1490 price tag.



Lian Li Expands Desk Lineup with DK-Q2 and DK-03 Desk Chassis

Featuring Ergonomic Design, updated Legs and a Removable Motherboard Tray

Keelung, Taiwan – Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd today announces two additions to the desk chassis lineup: the single-system DK-Q2 and the dual-system DK-03.

Like the previous desk chassis, the aluminum body and tempered glass surface highlight the minimalism of this practical fusion of desk and chassis. The updates on these new models add simplicity to system building, more refined aesthetics and ergonomics.

Ergonomic Design
With gratitude to such positive feedback, Lian Li has refreshed ergonomics in the design of the DK-Q2 and DK-03. The body depth of the desk has been reduced to give you more leg room. The 30mm of height expansion allows a larger variety of user legs to fit comfortably under the desk. Taller, stronger adjustable legs and thinner body allow a much more natural height and angle of arms for typing, the extra legroom makes a big difference.

Removable Motherboard Tray
The DK-Q2 and DK-03 include removable motherboard trays to make system building easier. The motherboard trays also allow system builders to route cables underneath to facilitate better airflow and cable management.

The DK-Q2 supports motherboards up to ATX, while the DK-03 supports two motherboards simultaneously; one SP-ATX at 12”x10.6” for the primary side, and an additional mini-ITX motherboard on the alternative side.

Water Cooling Features
The new additions to the desk chassis series support the latest water cooling hardware. The DK-03 can hold up to a 480mm radiators on one side and the DK-Q2 can hold two. They both have four 120mm fans on each side for airflow.

Hardware Compatibility
CPU coolers up to 90mm (3.5”) in height and VGA cards up to 440mm (17.3”) are easily supported in both the DK-Q2 and DK-03. The DK-03 holds up to ten 3.5” and ten 2.5” drives, while the DK-Q2 can hold up to seven 3.5” drives and eight 2.5” drives.

Optional Adjustable RGB Interior Lighting
DIY enthusiasts can adjust the interior lighting through the optional RGB lighting kit complete with LED strips, cord clip, dimmer and controller. The front mounted controller allows instant analog color selection. Guaranteed to fit and show off your custom interior.

Price and Availability
The DK-Q2 and DK-03 will be available in the the USA at the end of June in Microcenter for the MSRP of DK-Q2 $990, DK-03 $1490

Video Overview of the DK-Q2: https://youtu.be/_e1rB-3L5pQ

Video Overview of the DK-03: http://youtu.be/5yEZe-wtPhg

More information about the DK-Q2: http://www.lian-li.com/en/dt_portfolio/dk-q2/

More More information about the DK-03: http://www.lian-li.com/en/dt_portfolio/dk-03/

About Lian Li
Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd is an Aluminum Chassis and Chassis peripheral manufacturer and provider of industrial wholesale chassis as well as OEM & ODM services for the PC industry as required. With over 20 years of service excellence, ISO 9001 certification and a team of professional staff willing to do the utmost to deliver durable, superior quality products, all backed by a 2 year guarantee*; your satisfaction is guaranteed (*conditions apply). To learn more about Lian Li, please visit their websites at www.Lian-Li.com.

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  1. I love the new layout of the Lian Li Desk board. It is intelligently laid out and very attractive. But will the price keep them out of the computer desk market?

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