Modders-Inc Podcast #17 – Will Work For Core I7


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 – During this podcast we welcome Chris from CPU Magazine

– We touch on that Stealth (Will Urbina) will be doing a case modding workshop at the Maker Faire

– We talk about the different types of paints that can be used when painting your case

– Product reviews on the site


  NZXT Pre Sleeved Cables

  The CaseAppeal AV8

  ASUS Xabertooth 55i Motherboard

– What kind of Anti-Virus do we use


– A software KVM setup called Inputdirector

– You get some more info on the Modders-Inc Hot Rod Mod Off

Sponsored by Thermaltake, ASUS and Crucial

Podcast Members
Craig – Tech-Daddy
Tony – Tazz
Vic – XcaliburFX
Dewayne – Americanfreak

Andrew Leibman – CPU Mag
Chris Trumble – CPU Mag

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