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ModRight Xtreme Super Large Anti-Static Mod-Mat

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We’ve all seen the giant Modders Mat that most of us wanted or have purchased. Here’s the next upgrade to that.  This one grabbed me at first sight. I just couldn’t stay away. After my 3rd return to eyeball it like a sweet new piece of candy, I had to partake. It’s like having my favorite ROCK POSTER in the shop. Art that’s also functional.
Product Name: ModRight Xtreme Super Large Anti-Static Mod-Mat


Company Bio: ModRight
311 East Chestnut Street, East Rochester, NY.

ModRight First entered into the modification market with two piece aluminum fan filters. Since then they’ve expanded to include an assortment of modding related products. One of their popular products is the The ModMesh panels which allow enormous cooling vents to be added anywhere on your case, providing an attractive, porous metal barrier between your hardware and the world. They have added sleeved cable extensions, adapters, wires, fan silencers, Modders Mats and more to their inventory of products.



Dimensions1200mm x 600mm x 2mm
MaterialAnti-Static Materials
Static Dissipative Materials
Rubber Through a Variety Techniques
Surface Resistivity107 — 109 Ω
Underlying Resistivity103  —  105 Ω
Static Dissapation Time< 0.5s
Ground Strap26″ Unstretched
Wrist Strap26″ Unstretched


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Hidden away in a dark part of the Modders-Inc offices is a man, no a machine, that writes reviews so epic that they have been listed in the top ten best reads by the New York Times. Well that is what we tell him otherwise we have no idea what would happen if he knew the truth.

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  1. Mod-Mat update ~ Took my Laptop down to the shop tonight. The Mat area is the optimum Laptop work area. Mouse and Mod-Mat; Let’s say you need a mouse pad. A thought of a mouse friendly area on the mat would be cool but so much room, might as well use your mouse pad anywhere you need.

    Great night in the MOD Shop. 7.1 Stereo set and cable managed. 2 new storage bins for connectors and pins.
    Loaded, inventoried and labeled the bins for storage.

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