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Monsoon Modular Reservoir System (MMRS) Review

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Of the all the reservoir types available in the market, the tube res has always been preferred mainly due to its large visibility and ease of installation. However, for the most part the design hadn’t changed much until a couple years ago compression style reservoirs emerged into the market. Monsoon has developed their own compression style reservoir that has just been released on the market called MMRS (Monsoon Modular Reservoir System) that uses a series of tension rods to hold it together. It is also being sold in pieces so you can purchase each piece individually, allowing users for the first time to build the reservoir around the case, and not the other way around.

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Each piece come individually packaged in a plastic bag with a cardboard tag that has the Monsoon logo on the front and the part # on the back.


Once everything has been removed from it’s package, you can see that all the fasteners come in separate bags accompanied with the appropriate sized Allen key. Each piece of aluminum is wrapped in a traditional layer of tissue paper to protect the paint finish.


Once all the tissue paper has been removed, you can see that each piece that is colored matches perfectly. There is not even a slight deviation in the hue.


Tube Diameter60mm
Tube Lenth40-400mm
End Caps HxW 30 x 75mm
Tension rods HxW40-400 x 7mm
D5 End Cap HxW32 x 75mm
D5 Motor Cover HxW48 x 75

Article Index: >>    Closer Look »

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