Great sound and RGB lighting for the GH70 Gaming Headset

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Nestled in the box is a well packaged and presented pair of impressive headphones.  At first glance, its easy to see that the MSI Immerse GH70 Gaming Headset with its fold-flat design is well crafted.

MSI Immerse GH70 Gaming Headset

Under the The MSI Immerse GH70 Gaming Headset and its packaging we find extra ear pads, the owners manual, and a soft black bag to store your GH70 Gaming Headset when not using them or when taking them to a LAN party.

MSI Immerse GH70 Gaming Headset

Here is a good look at the The MSI Immerse GH70 Gaming Headset with both the black and red ear pads.  The black ones may be leather but I couldn’t tell for certain.  They are very soft and pliable.  The red ones are a breathable fabric with a vibrant red interior.  Also included is a soft storage bag so you can take your GH70s anywhere without damage.  The included manual is good, but there is much more info on the MSI website.

Looking closer at the controls, mic, and cable of the The MSI Immerse GH70 Gaming Headset, we can see exceptional workmanship and attention to the needs of gamers.  The control box has a large volume dial for precision sound control.  There is a small button to turn on and off the 7.1 surround sound and another to mute the mic. The 2.0 USB connector is Gold Plated for great conductivity.  The braided cable will flex and move as you do.

The Microphone on the MSI Immerse GH70 Gaming Headset slips in to the left ear piece.  It is nicely hidden away if all you want to do is listen to music or videos.  You may also notice that the MSI Immerse GH70 Gaming Headset has RGB lighting inside the ear pieces.  With the use of MSI’s Mystic Light software, you can customize the RGB display in hundreds of different color schemes.  The MSI Dragon logo also lights up and though the pictures don’t do  it justice, it looks pretty cool!

*Editors Note: I would to thank our great model Frank for sitting so still for these images*

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