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Cooler Master Ceres 400 Headphones

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When it comes to “cool” Cooler Master is one of the top dogs in the market. I have the pleasure of bringing you Cooler Masters newest addition to their Head Set line up. We will be looking the the all new Cooler Master Cm Storm Series Ceres 400. This headset is advertised as an ultra portable gaming headset. So enough chit chat lets get to business and see if this headset will help you keep your cool while gaming.


First Look

So lets start with the packaging, this is one area where Cooler Master does it right with out failure. The marketing team knows how to catch your attention and just keep reeling you in the more you look on, but its not just eye candy here. The front of the box gives a wonderful full view of the headset in the front and and the back sports the highlights of the headset in eight languages. 

Cooler Master Ceres 400

Cooler Master Ceres 400

Moving to the left side of the box we come across all the important specifications for the headphones and microphone, these should always be printed clearly on the outside of the box not just on a slip of paper like some sort of special cracker jacks prize. 


The headset is secured to the inner clear plastic molding with three twist ties. Next we have the full contents of the box being the headset itself and a quick start guild. 


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