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Noctua NF-P12 Fan

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A Closer Look

     One of the first things we notice about the Noctua NF-P12 fan is that it has more fan blades than the standard cooling fan. The nine blade design was developed to provide superior pressure and airflow performance for CPU cooler and water cooling radiators that have tight fin spacing.
     The nine blades on the fan are closely spaced and are not as aggressive with the angle of the blade to provide the maximum amount of static pressure and air flow. With the increase static pressure and air flow comes the unwanted increase in noise levels. To combat the increased noise Noctua has added the Vortex-Control notches to the trailing edge of the blades. These notches are staggered from blade to blade and have rounded edges. This is done to not only decrease the noise levels, but is also done to spread it across a wider range.
     The center hub of the NF-P12 is larger than its older bother the NF-S12, while still utilizing the same SSO bearing design. The NF-P12 is rated to operate between 900 – 1300 RPM depending on the users configuration. As we can see in the last photo, its rated at 1.08W with a current of 0.09A.

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