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NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse Avatar, Gaming Mouse, NZXT 1

   To be clear just because I didn’t personally enjoy this mouse doesn’t at all mean this is a bad mouse.   The NZXT Avatar has a good list of features and a great ergonomic feel to it.    Sure it’s light and the inclusion of some weight adjustments would be a great addition.  The Avatar is a great first effort from NZXT and they are definitely headed in the right direction when it comes to gaming mice.    Besides there are no perfect mice and we’d all like to see some feature or other added that we don’t currently have.   For the most part the mouse performed well a gaming mouse.   The price seems to be right in line with other mice with similar features such as the popular Razer Copperhead.  In fact the Avatar has a slightly higher DPI setting than that mouse does.

It all comes down to feel with mice.  Just because i didn’t feel it doesn’t mean you won’t.  It’s a highly personalized subject matter.   Summing it up I would still suggest to someone to look into the Avatar with of course a slight warning about the weight issue and the thumb buttons.





+ 2600 adjustable DPI
+ 7 programmable buttons
+ ambidextrous
+ included software 
+ great looks
+ really light
+ opposite side thumb button annoys


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NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse Avatar, Gaming Mouse, NZXT 2

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