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NZXT Gamma Mid Tower Computer Case

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NZXT Gamma Mid Tower Computer Case computer case, Mid Tower, NZXT 1

The video card installation was rather easy as well.  No “gotcha” surprises here as everything is pretty much straight forward install.  We noticed that the video card space is more than adequate for today’s high end video card.  As we know that now a days video cards can go up to 10 + inches in length and that would not complicate things inside of this case.  One thing to keep in mind, as you install your power supply, you want the fan to point towards the bottom of the case as this is the crucial part in cooling.  By placing the fan on to the outside of the case, we could lower temperatures of the whole case overall by 4 C.

NZXT Gamma Mid Tower Computer Case computer case, Mid Tower, NZXT 2

As you can see this is pretty nice and neat case, without any major issues.  Overall installation of the pc components was easy.  What I thought was great is that Gamma Classic is deep enough to support any larger / crazy size CPU coolers as you can see in our review.  During the component install we used a Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro and this unit is a monster.  Regardless the size of our CPU cooler we had absolutely no problems with closing the side cover.  The hard drive installation was easy and smooth.  I can promise you that you will not find an easier hard drive installation sleds.


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