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NZXT Tempest

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NZXT Tempest NZXT 1

Well folks… you cannot argue with the thermal performance of this case. The numbers speak for themselves. The cable management options are well thought out, the fans are quiet and efficient, and the insides are well finished with minimal edges that can cut you. The option to mount a 240mm rad in the top, keeping it inside the case and protected is a boon for people that frequent LAN parties. The case is a good looking case externally, structurally rigid, with a durable black finish. The window is slightly extruded and tapered to make it stand out from the regular 90 degree window cuts, and the double filtering on the front of the case will help insure that your innards stay as clean as possible.

Lots and lots of storage space for hard drives, lots of space internally for water cooling (if that is your flavor) and the top panel is canted 45 degrees for easy access when the case is on the floor next to your desk. The eSATA port is a nice add.

The Tempest blows into Modders-Inc and blows this reviewer away with it’s build quality and performance. It miffed me with the lack of a window filter, but that is a minor annoyance compared to all of the good things this case brings to the equation. This case is worthy of your hard earned dollars, I unequivacally recommend this case!





EXCELLENT Thermal management on Air cooling
Enclosed Radiator mounting for water cooling
Good cable management offerings
Good performing *Quiet fans*… out of the box!
Expansive hard drive mounting options
2 stage front intake filters
Good looking asthetics
No side filter for the window fan

Modders-Inc Hardware Score

NZXT Tempest NZXT 2

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