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Patriot Viper Elite 3200MHz CL16 PVE48G320C6KGY 2x8GB DDR4 Review: Overclocking for All

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Final Thoughts

While many were cautious about upgrading to DDR4 initially, over the last 18 months, the average price has dropped significantly below less than half of what it was. The average price of a 4x4GB 2133MHz DDR4 kit for example, cost $260 dollars with the lowest priced kit hovering around $195 in October 2014. The same kit currently can be had for as low as $65 and the average price holding at $100 as of February 2016. This price decline can be observed on faster modules as well with the average 4x4GB DDR4-3000 price now only at $130 from $520. Production supply is outpacing demand, assuaging the initially slower-than-expected adoption of the new standard.

The trend toward affordability paved the way for even faster kits entering the market and into most user’s PCs. 8GB 2×4 DDR4 kits such as the Patriot Viper Elite at 3200MHz can be had currently for only $58.99 (paired up as 16GB 4×4 for $117.98) placing it very much within reach for anyone and rendering the “elite” name ironic price-wise. For princely performance that once required a kingly ransom, the Viper Elite 3200MHz DDR4 kit is well within a commoner’s reach.

Patriot Viper Elite DDR4

While it does not have a fancy heatspreader, it does provide three color options to choose from. I would have preferred it if the heatshield was barely taller than the PCB to maximize compatibility. It is very easy to remove thankfully as the thermal adhesive is very light so modders can easily swap it with their own or cut down the stock heatsink. These ICs will not be hindered by a lack of nor helped by more substantial coolers anyway at these speeds.

The 2400MHz to 3000MHz Viper Elite kits are readily available in Amazon with very good prices but the 3200MHz kits are not listed there yet. Although retailers such as Fry’s (pricey at $149.99) and B and H (in-line with MSRP and Amazon pricing at only $94.99) have begun listing them under special order so users in the US/Canada who want these 3200MHz kits specifically can now get them there.


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