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Phanteks Enthoo Primo Ultimate Chassis Review and Build

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Accessories Box

The Accessories box is nicely packaged but there’s a bonus.

I love box’s in a box. Owners Manual, Tool Box, Bags and brackets galore.


Inside the TOOL BOX is every screw and bolt you’ll need, even radiator screws. A bag of velcro and zip tie cable ties and the 240mm radiator bracket. A second radiator bracket is located on the floor of the chassis.


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  1. Good review Al – This case continues the trend of manufacturers one upping each other with user friendly features at a price points unheard of in this large of a case. These are good days indeed for builders!

  2. Hello! Does the 5,25 bay door close with the nzxt hue? Im asking because the nzxt hue has knobs.

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