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Phanteks Enthoo Primo Ultimate Chassis Review and Build

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Phanteks says: “Phanteks’ Enthoo Primo features a unique PSU thermally isolated location, multifunctional cable/reservoir cover, exclusive brackets, and massive cooling potential. Phanteks’ new case features a shifted design which allows for the unique PSU configuration. The PSU is thermally isolated, creating cooler temperatures within the case. With the PSU located in the back of the case, this allows for a cleaner look and better cable management.. Exclusive brackets that makes everything a breeze to install. Reservoir bracket that can be use as a cable cover with the modular cover on or as a reservoir bracket with the pre-drilled holes when cover is off. Enthoo Primo includes a pump bracket that supports many different pumps, side radiator bracket and bottom radiator bracket for easy installation.”

But Honestly, I think they are being reserved and humble. Let me list some of the features I think are important:

  • Full Tower Chassis
  • Brushed Aluminum Front and Top Panels
  • 5 x 140mm PH-F140SP fans included
  • Ultimate Water Cooling Solutions
    ~ 120mm: Up to 240mm (front), 480mm (top), 240mm (side), 120mm (rear), 480mm (bottom)
    ~ 140mm: Up to 420mm (top), 140mm (rear), 280mm (bottom)
  • Vertical Cable Cover / reservoir mount
  • Built in reservoir mounting locations
  • Pump bracket with 3 mounting/locations and allows for multiple pumps
  • Side radiator mounting bracket
  • Bottom radiator mounting bracket
  • 16 x fan locations
  • Fan Hub converts 11 x 3 pin fans to full PWM control and mounted in choice of 2 locations
  • 6 x LED fan leads tied in with the case light switch
  • 2 x LED strip leads (max 50 LEDS <1A each) tied in with the case light switch
  • Distinctive LED lit case elements
  • Additional 2 x SSD mounting locations in addition to the SSD compatible drive cages
  • Drop N Lock tooless double stack SSD bracket that mounts to back side
  • Drop N Lock SSD Brackets support 2 x SSD’s each with 2 other SSD mounting locations giving 6 SSD mounts
  • Modular 2 x HDD Cages with optional configurations
  • Dual PSU or choice of 2 Thermally isolated locations
  • PSU sound and thermal stand offs and pads for 2 PSU mount loactions
  • Press and lock/unlock top and front filter access panels
  • 4 x removable dust filters
  • Vented right/back side panel
  • 2 x magnetic peel off dust filters on the right/back panel
  • Optional right/back panel venting or cover with thumb screws over the magnetic filter screen
  • Motherboard standoffs pre-installed
  • Snap on upper panel and front bezels
  • 2 x perspex angled side windows for inside view
  • Happy satisfied owner


This is a FULL Tower ATX case. I mean it’s in the upper class of “full” but also in the upper class of looks. It has a brushed steel look with dimensions measuring 25.0 x 65.0 x 60.0 cm or 9.8 x 25.6 x 23.6 inches (W x H x D). Case volume is 97.5 L which is a good 30-40 L more than most big ATX towers. For perspective a Corsair Obsidian 900D is approx. 114 L.  The Enthoo Primo weighs in at 20Kg or 44 pounds. Now that I can examine the surface, materials, compositions closer I have to say it’s very impressive. There is quality in here.


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  1. Good review Al – This case continues the trend of manufacturers one upping each other with user friendly features at a price points unheard of in this large of a case. These are good days indeed for builders!

  2. Hello! Does the 5,25 bay door close with the nzxt hue? Im asking because the nzxt hue has knobs.

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