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Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX Review

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Phanteks had one hell of challenge on their hands trying to create a follow up to one of the top cases of 2014, but even with saving on manufacturing cost and replacing the aluminum panels with steel and plastic the ITX model still does not cease to impress. We have reached a point where even ITX cases are reaching the $100-$200 range, I will admit that the Evolv ITX is significantly larger than what an ITX chassis should be but compared to other penthouse classed ITX systems it fits the right balance of expandability and functionality. One of the key features for all of Phanteks case’s is their insight to cable management. This was not overlooked with even their ITX model, as they allowed plenty of room with spacing on the back panel to secure cables to the motherboard panel and space under the shell of the top panel to neatly hide excess cables.

As far as modding goes for the chassis, the case is overall a blank slate. the side panels can be swapped with each other in the event you want to make a custom window, or want to feature some crazy cable management on the back panel. The top and front panels can be modified to allow for more airflow which would be a favorable option in the event radiators were install on the top or front panel. Remember for the front panel installation there is a breakaway piece that will need to be removed prior to radiator installation. Really the only major downside I saw to the case was the paint that did not cover up certain areas on the chassis but this was also seen on previous models from Phanteks.

Overall, I think Phanteks has done a good job of planting their feet into the ITX case market and I would like to see them try again but make the next case much more ITX friendly, verses having it be a dwarfed mATX sized chassis. With the right balance of being budget friendly, highly expandable and overall a solid build quality with various features, the Phanteks Evolv ITX gets the Modders Inc, Recommended award when in comes to taking this case into consideration for your next build.

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