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Phanteks First AIO Cooling Solution Glacier One 240 MP

Old concept with a new solution

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Installation of Glacier One 240 MP on to the motherboard is not hard at all. Depending on the socket you are planning to use in your build you should find a correct motherboard bracket in the enclosed accessories of Glacier One 240 MP. Note; Threadripper motherboard brackets are included with the CPU.

Once you have secured the motherboard bracket you can attach the CPU block to the mount and secure it in place.

Old concept with a new solution

The clearance of the CPU block and motherboard components is very good. As you can see from the image above I still have about 5mm clearance between the RAM module and the fitting that connects the water pump and the radiator.
To connect the pump you simply connect it to your CPU fan connector on the motherboard. To connect Fans, you can use an enclosed Y splitter cable and connect them both to the Case fan connector on the motherboard. Note that these fans can take advantage of the PWM controller on your motherboard.


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