Poseidon Z Plus Review: The Simple (Smart) Keyboard

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Final Thoughts

A drawbacks for this keyboard would be the noise. The noise present during keystroke is a symptom of any blue switches and many types of mechanical switches will come with a bit of noise. I understand some gamers do not care about their equipment causing loud background noises especially given that some stock graphics cards will sound like vacuum cleaners, but it may force some user to mute themselves every time they need to speak to someone online.


The bluetooth capability for this keyboard is only meant to send data to the Tt app and cannot be paired with any bluetooth adapter for use as a keyboard. There is a possibly Thermaltake may add additional functionality to this bluetooth adapter, but for now it is only used with the Tt eSports Plus+ Professional App.

After using the Poseidon Z plus for a bit I enjoy it quite thoroughly and could use it as a daily driver. It is not larger than most standard size keyboards and is just under $100 USD at the time of this review. One of the barriers I personally had about switching from rubber dome to mechanical was the high price and desk real estate some gaming mechanical keyboards have. Given the price and the layout, this keyboard would make a good gateway keyboard into the world of mechanical switches. I would recommend the Poseidon Z plus for a workstation user or a gamer who plays games with high APMs.

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