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QNAP TS-209 Pro II Turbo NAS is an all-in-one, high performance NAS server designed for storage-hungry modern business and SOHO users to save, back up, manage, and share data. It also satisfies the needs of modern business for centralized data management and brings more value-added features plus the hardcore home network users.


First Impression

Nowadays it is more and more common, actually more required, to have a home network/storage arrangement. The easy of transferring files from one PC to another, a laptop, or a HTPC is so much nicer when you have a network setup. But what the problem is with that is each PC has to be connected and in order for the transfers to happen. This is where as NAS (Network Attached Storage) is so practical. You can store you files on the device and then whoever or whenever can grab them as needed.

There are all sorts of style and levels of NAS Devices that cover any kind of need you may have. Today we will be looking at the TS-209 Pro II. This particular NAS is especially designed for business users or someone that may have a heavy traffic load on their home network, such as mine. With 3 laptops, 2 PC’s, a HTPC and a few gaming systems it can be rather busy. Also doing reviews for the site it is very important that I have some sort of backup of the work I do, again this is where a NAS is worth its price.

So let’s dig in to the QNAP TS-209 Pro II…

The box that the QNAP TS-209 Pro II came in was nicely laid out and has plenty of information to inform you of everything the unit has to offer. On the front we can see that it has two hot swap bays (you can switch out drive with turning the unit off) and that a Raid 1 (mirrored disks) is available.


Here we see even more information about the QNAP NAS and what it can do and be used for.


So what are some of the things it can do? Or maybe a better question would be what it can’t do. This little unit can be setup to do just about everything a larger dedicated server that you rent or own for your business at a much lower cost.


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