QuakeCon 2019: DOOM and Case Mods

A.K.A. TimCon

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The real draw of QuakeCon is the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) with close to 6000 people in this space you are bound to have something to see and enjoy. Clans will have banners telling you what they are about or even just funny sayings, while others look like they are moving in for the 3 days of gaming. One of the new thing that has been happening at QuakeCon is the PC Shelf. Since space is at a premium you need to maximize what you have and thus the PC shelf has begun to grow. I first saw this at PDXLAN and I wondered why this has not become a staple at every LAN. Take a look through the gallery to see what you missed this year and what you can see in person when you come to join the fun August 6-9 2020!







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