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RAIDMAX Vampire Tower Computer Case Review

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Final Thought about the RAIDMAX Vampire Case

Raidmax Vampire Full Tower ATX Case with Blue LED

When all sealed up and running the Vampire is silent on low fan speed, barely noticeable on high and not to loud when you hit the X-Speed button. I like the controls for the fans and the lighting placed at the top of case at my finger tips. The finish of matte black rubber coating is nice for keeping the case appearance looking good and reducing cleaning. The case is wide and I like that it gives you that little extra for cable management space. I have only one complaint which  is the upper cover and top of the case does not allow for fan placement under the top cover. From my measurements 1/8th of an inch more clearance would allow many upper placed AIO cooler or radiator set-up to have the option of Push/Pull. One MOD for this case would be to cut away the inner plastic supports for the top screen filter and make room for push/pull fan set-up. Seems one 120mm, 140mm or even a 200mm could fit. I think most builders would agree this is a decent case, good features, well built and priced around $109 at the time of publishing the Raidmax Vampire is a good buy.

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  1. I have one of these cases – they’re great … my only problem is that I’ve had it for 5 years and need another hard drive tray and can’t find them anywhere. Does anyone out there have an extra one they’d part with?

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