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Raijintek Styx Case Review: Simplicity Par Excellence

A Closer Look at the Raijintek Styx Case »

styx03The Raijintek Styx is a single-chamber compact tower micro-ATX case with an aluminum shell and internal steel frame. It is essentially a larger version of Raijintek’s Metis mini-ITX case, similarly available in up to seven color varieties with a solid or windowed option. The Raijintek Styx however,  increases component support to include 240mm water-cooling radiators, longer graphics cards and taller CPU air coolers. Just like the Metis, the Raijintek Styx has an elegant brushed aluminum finish with the exception of the white version being reviewed in this article.

Initially priced at $104.99, the Raijintek Styx in all its color options with the exception of white can be had for only $84.99 across the board from NewEgg.com at the time of writing this article. The white version is available for slightly less at $82.99, but otherwise, all the features are similar.

The packaging uses the standard brown box with dual foam inserts flanking the case on each side. The Styx is mounted inside the box with the front facing upward. Since the Styx comes in seven color varieties, the side has a checklist of what color the content of the packaging is.

Furthermore, the viewing window surface is doubly protected on both internal and external view surfaces with plastic film to prevent scratches during shipment.


Contents of the accessory pack:

  • 4x Anti-vibration rubber for ODD
  • 8x screw #6-32 L6 for motherboard
  • 4x #6-32 L6 for power supply
  • 8x screw M3 L5 for 2.5″ HDD
  • 8x screw M3 L8 for 2.5″ HDD
  • 12x screw #6-32 L8 for 3.5″ HDD
  • 4x screw M2 L3 for ODD
  • 1x Motherboard alarm speaker
  • 1x Multi-lingual (English, German, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese) fold-out user’s manual



Product Number 0R200025 ~ 0R200030, 0R200031 ~ 0R200036, 0R200037 ~0R200038
Dimension [W×D×H] 210×360×335 mm
Weight 3.8 kg [N.W.] 5.2 kg [G.W.]
Material Aluminum 1.5mm [Surface]; SPCC 0.5mm [Interior]
Color Black / Red / Silver / Blue / Green / Gold / White
M/B Support Micro ATX / Mini-ITX
Drive Bay Internal 3.5″HDD×3 + 2.5″HDD×2 or 3.5″HDD×1 + 2.5″HDD×4
Slim slot-load DVD×1
Expansion Slot PCI Slots ×5
I/O Panel USB3.0×2, HD Audio×1
Power Supply PS/2 [Internal Bottom-mount]
CoolingSystem Bottom Fan: 120mm×1 [option]
Rear Fan: 120mm×1 [pre-installed]
Top Fan: 120mm×2 or 240mm Radiator [option]
CPU Cooler Height 180mm [Max.]
Graphic Card Length 280mm [Max.]
Side Panel Style Window/Flat


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  1. Hi!
    How are things going with a 160mm deep modular PSU in regards with the GPU clearance?

  2. Compatibility will depend on the model of the modular PSU because of the placement of the connectors. The Cooler Master Hybrid for example had the 24-pin and PCIE at the bottom row so it will be obscured with cards longer than 250mm, but some modular power supplies only have some of the peripherals at the bottom row, but have all the essentials at the top. 160mm is the absolute physical limit without factoring in connectors (just enclosure to card, also not factoring in sag, etc). If the card is long, the tip of it will be sitting partly of the 160mm long PSU. For a 160mm PSU, a non-modular would actually provide better clearance (although a lot more extra cables to cable manage).

  3. Thanks!
    I’ve been taking a look at Corsair RMx/RMi series which are 160 mm deep and have the modular connectors similarly placed as the Silverstone PSU you have used, so that leaves about 280mm for the video card.
    I wished Rajintek made the case a bit more compatible with 160mm deep modular PSU’s, as there are to few great choices below this size.

  4. Unfortunately I do not have a 650W RM series on hand to verify the clearance but Watercooled.ch used a Thermaltake DPS-G 650W (a 160mm deep PSU as well) on their review and you can see there the clearance on their assembled build photo (link below). The video card they used has a shorter PCB and had a longer heatsink so you can see that the PCB with the sag would actually be touching a 160mm if the PCB was as long as the heatsink: http://www.watercooled.ch/raijintek-styx-case-review/

  5. It is a little bit pricier than ATX, but you can also check out SFX power supplies as they would be the most comfortable as it is only 100mm deep. Although some companies don’t include the SFX to ATX adapter out of the box. I know Corsair doesn’t but Silverstone does. Amazon lists the adapter as worth $20 which is too expensive IMHO. Corsair should start bundling it in their SFX units like Silverstone: https://www.amazon.com/SilverStone-Technology-Universal-Bracket-RL-PP08B/dp/B01BYB33J8

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