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Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat

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Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat Razer 1

     To test the Destructor I used my Logitech G9 gaming mouse and put it against the Steelpad and Fatmat cloth gaming pads I had on hand.   The Destructor clearly being the smaller and thinner of the three.    Normally I prefer the cloth to the firm gaming pads as I rest my wrist on the pad and lift up while gaming using the claw method.   After long periods of gaming I usually find my wrist is sore where I have placed it on the surface.      Since using the Destructor for several weeks I have to say that there is just enough give with it to allow my wrist some comfort.   Indeed even with hours long gaming sessions there was no discomfort.

      Tracking and Control are the main features that this gaming Mat advertises.   I’m not exactly sure where they came up with the figure of 37% better tracking of how exactly they tested but all the average consumer is going to have is “feel”.   Right away I “felt” like the Destructor was “slicker” than the two cloth mats.  The plastic surface is much smoother and easier for the mice feet to glide across.   It took me a while to get used to this feeling but after a while you get used to it.  After trying the Destroyer out for several weeks I’m still on the fence on whether I like the slickness or not.   I felt like I had more control over the mouse with a bit of resistance but I seem able to move smoother and quicker with the plastic surface.   I think I can attribute the latter to the tracking of the laser.

      Tracking with the laser is one area I have got to say I can perceive a difference.   When I am finely honing in on a target in a FPS It’s those micro movements that seem to be smoother and more uniform.  The fine texture of the Destructor vs. the fine threads of the cloth mats is a very very fine thing to be able to differentiate.   You can feel it though.   I can’t say it got me more head shots or better scores but I felt the control, and that’s a good start.  I can’t give you a percentage of how much better it is but it is better.  A little edge, that’s really all most people are looking for when they start to get serious about gaming.   Better mouse, better mat  maybe just a little edge and that’s all it will take to edge me ahead of the competition.  

      To sum it up the comfort is there.  Oddly enough even the thiner more rigid material has just enough flex in it to maintain comfort.  It’s probably the combination of the soft backing and the lower profile.   The Control is there you will just have to get yourself used to having your mouse “glide”.  Thats a good thing.    The Tracking is definitely there.   You will without a doubt notice the difference when playing.  You may not be able to put your finger on it at first but you will begin to notice those nuance shot’s get a bit easier.


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