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Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat Razer 1

     In Conclusion I have to say that the Razer Destructor is a great gaming mat. Is it better than all others by 37%, well I’m not exactly sure about that.  I think that if you own a good mouse and your not satisfied with your mouse pad then I would definitely recommend you give this one a try. If you already own a high end gaming mat and you feel like it’s doing you just fine then I’d have to say your not really missing all that much.  The difference is so subtle at first you probably won’t notice anything.  I’m back in forth now that I’ve finished the review if I’ll go back to my cloth Fatmat that I love so much.  I go back and forth as I love the textural “feel” of the cloth, but at the same time,  I love the feel of the Destructor while in the game.  In the end all about personal preference.  Besides all high end gaming pads are very good and it’s really about a combination of things anyways.  The player, the mouse and the surface.   It’s really an excellent pad though and if you get the chance I’d definitely recommend that you at the very least find someone who has one and give it a try.

     One final note is pricing.  At $39.99 this isn’t a cheap gaming mat.   In reality though most “Gaming Mat’s” fall within that range on down to around $30.   Granted with most you are probably going to get a lot more real estate but your also going to have to figure out a where to put it and how to transport it.    With the Destroyer you at least get a really nice carrying case to protect your investment.

Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat Razer 2




+Excellent Tracking
+Smooth surface
+Carrying Case

-On the small side

Modders-Inc Hardware Score

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