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Razer is known for their outstanding gaming products and with each new one they get better. There are just a few peripherals that can help make you a better gamer, on of them is the keyboard. If you don’t feel comfortable with it you just can’t play well. Razer’s Tarantula is hoping to make you feel right at home.


First Impression

  Back in the early part of 2006 at CES I was able to get a first hand look and talk to Razer about a new keyboard they were thinking about making. After looking at the brochure and then being able to play with a model of the keyboard; I knew I had to get my hands on one some how, some way. When the Email came in from Razer my dream had come true. But will my waiting be worth it?

  The black and slightly dull box seems to be a new style for Razers new line of products. I first noticed it with the Barracuda HP-1 Headphones and now it has migrated to the Tarantula. Razer always puts as much information as possible on the boxes with very informative feature points listed and making sure that you are given everything you need to know. Why do this? A well informed buyer feels better about the product he is looking at purchasing.

Razer Tarantula Keyboard
Front of box


Razer Tarantula Keyboard Gaming Keyboard, Razer 1
Bottom of box

  There is so much information on the box that it spills over onto the underside of the flap on the top of the box. A detailed layout of the keyboard is given along with a clear plastic window that gives you a peek at the available add-on keys and the removal tool.

Razer Tarantula Keyboard Gaming Keyboard, Razer 2



  Once we get past the outer box and into the next one, we start to get to the good stuff. We can see the extra keys and Quick Start Guide waiting for us.

Razer Tarantula Keyboard Gaming Keyboard, Razer 3


  Under that tray we find the Tarantula keyboard wrapped in a protective plastic bag, poised and ready to strike.


Razer Tarantula Keyboard Gaming Keyboard, Razer 4


  Also included in the box with the Quick Start Guide is the software/driver disc, Certificate of Authenticity, and a sticker.

Razer Tarantula Keyboard Gaming Keyboard, Razer 5

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