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Rosewill RNX-MiniN2 802.11b/g/n USB 2.0 wireless adapter

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The results…..

Centrino Advanced N6200AGN

Large single file copy: 4:57
Small multiple file copy: 3:21

TP-LINK WN722N “Hi-Gain”

Large single file copy: 6:05
Small multiple file copy: 3:43


Large single file copy: 5:31
Small multiple file copy: 7:07


Large single file copy: 4:04
Small multiple file copy: 2:53

To quickly boil this down and summarize it, not only was this the smallest unit test, it was the fastest! Even beating the integrated adapter in the laptop! It made the highest, unadjustedconnection speed of any of the adapters and it transferred files flawlessly and quickly! You can see that the other adapters did not auto negotiate anywhere near as fast as this lil beast did…. I like that! 


Folks, let’s not joke around about this…. this little adapter is a speed demon! I’m betting if I spent more time with it, I could get the negotiation speeds up, but most perople are not going to buy one of these to “tweak it”, they want reliable, quick, easy, simple networking. 

This little USB network device has proven itself to be a “little engine that could”, and has opened my eyes into how well this little form factor can actually perform! I was caught off guard, honestly. I am impressed, and I think that you will be too! 




+Negotiates wireless connection well
+Works well right out of the package
+Excellent performance

-none, nada, zilch

Modders-Inc Hardware Score

Modders-Inc Editors Choice - Rosewill RNX-MiniN2 

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