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SilverStone PF360-ARGB All In One Cooling Solution

SilverStone PF360-ARGB AIO

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Installation and Clearance Issues

There is a small accessory bag that was included with PF360-ARGB. In this bag, I found mounting hardware for both Intel and AMD chipsets. I also found numerous connectors and Y cables to connects and link the pump and fans together.

To my surprise, our sample came without any instructions on how to mount this unit. However, it didn’t take long for me to figure out which mounting bracket to use for my Intel-based socket. A couple of screws and few springs to keep everything together I was ready to Rock and Roll.

CPU I am using on my test bench is i7-9700k. The PF360-ARGB CPU block fits over the socket nicely without any issues what so ever. In my installation, I decided to position the CPU block with fittings facing up towards the top MSFET radiator. There is about 12mm clearance on the top and more than 20mm between the CPU cooler and the RAM modules.

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