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New Silverstone Sugo 14 SFF Case Review

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Exterior Features

The outside of the Silverstone Sugo 14 has some notable changes over its predecessors.  The most obvious change is the case’s new design language.  The front of the case is comprised of three smooth panels, a far cry from the complex ventilated panels of many of the previous Sugo cases.  The smallest panel covers the opening for a 5.25″ drive and an alternate panel is included that fits around the fascia of disk drives mounted in the 5.25″ drive bay.  The larger two panels are separated by a metallic gold stripe and the power button, which is surrounded by an LED backlit ring.  The top edge of the front panel is host to the case’s small complement of I/O, which includes a single USB 2.0 port, two USB 3.0 ports, a compound headset audio jack, and a reset switch.  The overall effect of the front panel design is a modern minimalism that should fit right in just about anywhere.  The side panels are equally simplistic.  Both sides are plain steel panels with a hexagonal ventilation pattern that fades from one side of the panel to the other, backed by a mesh dust filter.  The top panel is nearly identical to the side panels, except that it is slightly wider and features a Silverstone logo in one corner.

The back panel of the case is a fairly standard affair, with a fan mount for up to a 140mm fan, three expansion slots, and a pass-through cable for the internally mounted GPU.  The four removable panels of the case are attached to the back panel with large captured thumb screws.  Of those four panels, the bottom panel is the only one lacking any form of ventilation.


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