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New Silverstone Sugo 14 SFF Case Review

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Packaging and Unboxing

The Silverstone Sugo 14 comes packaged in a fairly standard brown cardboard box.  The front and back of the box both feature a picture of the case’s front panel, while the two sides feature short lists of the case’s specifications and special features, respectively.  A large sticker on one end gives model number information and the case’s color.  Overall, the outer box is minimalist but effective.

Inside the box, the Sugo is packed with thick closed-cell foam.  This a nice touch, especially for anyone planning to ship their system in the original packaging.  A fully loaded Sugo 14 can be quite heavy, and the closed-cell foam does a good job at cushioning the case from bumps and jolts in transit.  The case’s accessories are neatly tucked into one of the foam blocks, making them accessible even without opening the case.

New Silverstone Sugo 14 SFF Case Review Case, itx, ITX Case, sff, Silvetstone 4


In total, the Silverstone Sugo 14 packaging is above average and should do an excellent job of keeping your new case safe in transit.

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