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New Silverstone Sugo 14 SFF Case Review

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Final Thoughts

I’ve liked the idea of the SilverstoneSugo cases for a long time but was never really sold on their looks.  The Sugo 14 has very much broken that trend.  It has all of the practicality of its predecessors, but with a much more elegant face.  The Sugo 14 feels like a case that would fit in basically anywhere, and the inclusion of a variety of feet means that it can be rotated to fit in basically any space.  The case feels well thought out and ready for just about any sort of hardware you could want.  I have no complaints to speak of.

Easy to work in A little expensive
Excellent hardware support No windowed panel options
Excellent ventilation Limited cable management options
Multiple feet options to suit a variety of use cases
Clever graphics card support


The Silverstone Sugo 14 is a very functional case with a clean look.  It can’t show off your fancy hardware, and custom water cooling in it is a little challenging, but for basically anything else it is well worth a look.  With support for even the largest graphics cards and plenty of space for radiators in a compact space, you can fit just about anything in the Silverstone Sugo 14 without having to worry about it.  At the same time, it’s compact enough that it won’t demand much desk space.  The best of all worlds, really.


Modders-Inc Hardware Must Have Award


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