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Star Wars Old Republic Case Mods

Everyone, in one form or another, likes Star Wars. Whether it be the movies, animated series or the games. So when Case Modder Boddaker announced that he was creating some case mods for Thermaltake to display, I knew this was going to be some kick butt mods.

Brian says…

“Theme obviously is Star Wars Old Republic, with the Chaser case as the Dark Side, and the Armor Revo case the Republic. The cases are very similar in style (both use the same chassis), and were perfect candidates for the two-sided theme… Ok, here are the concepts for the first two mods, based on Thermaltake’s Chaser MK-1 and Armor Revo case.”

Star Wars Old Republic Computer Case Mods


Star Wars Old Republic Case Mods Case Mod, Star Wars 1


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