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Terra Master F2-210 NAS Review

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Operating System Overview

The Terra Master F2-210 NAS devices use Terra Master OS software called TOS.  The current version of TOS is 4.1 and it has been greatly improved over the years with updates and patches. TOS is a web-based Operating System that allows its users to gain control of the NAS from pretty much any browser.  You can even set up access to your NAS from outside of your network.

Logging in to TOS is simple.  Just point your browser to the IP of the NAS and you will be presented with a clean log in the dialog box.  Username and Password are what you have created during the setup.

The TOS itself is based on the MAC interface and has a task-bar on the top with floating icons and windows on the desktop.  To give you a quick glimpse of the overall status of your NAS TOS has a desktop widget with information on CPU, Memory and Network activities.

Just like every Operating System TOS has a Control Panel.  Through this Control Panel, you can control pretty much every feature of the F2-210.  The control panel is split into multiple areas which help you quickly to get where you want to go.  The following are Five sections of TOS Control Panel; Privileges, Network Services, Storage Manager, General Settings and System information.  Each of these sections is easy to understand and configure.  If any questions come up you can always use TOS Help icon on the desktop to quickly find an answer to pretty much any question.

While testing 4K Streaming from F2-210 I used TOS built-in monitoring tools (Resource Monitor under System Information) to check CPU utilization while streaming.  Based on my multiple tests all four cores were utilized anywhere between 12% and 35%.  The memory usage hovered around 50% across every test.

Want to control your F2-210 from outside of your network?  A Remote Access feature can help you with that task.  You can either use TNAS, an online service by Terra Master or choose one of the following DDNS providers, DYNDNS or NOIP.

Some good reporting tools are available for advanced users in the System Information section of Control Panel such as Service Status and Resource Monitor.  TOS is based on the homebrew version of Linux so most of the services could be enabled or disabled right from the TOS GUI.


Applications can be loaded on to the NAS right from the Applications plugin on TOS desktop.  The selection of the applications is not as great as some of the other NAS on the market today however Terra Master Application store has most of the essentials applications to get a web server running or even a Content Management system like WordPress.

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