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A Closder Look at the Tesoro Olivant Pro

The Tesoro Olivant Pro’s headband has the Tesoro brand engraved on it with barely visible imprints on each ear. From afar there doesn’t seem to be much brand recognition which in the event you want to customize the Olivant Pro.

The Tesoro Olivant Pro’s headband is self-adjusting which makes is preferable to headsets that require adjustments. In addition to the time saving benefit, the self adjusting headset is less likely to catch my hair the way manual adjusting headsets do. The Tesoro Olivant Pro is made mostly out of plastic with the top of the adjustable headband being aluminum.

The bottom left portion of the Tesoro Olivant Pro has a hole for the adjustable microphone boom. The included detachable microphone boom locks in place with a twist and is very well secured. The microphone is easily adjustable and is resistant to all but the most severe bumps.

The cable on the Tesoro Olivant Pro and adapters are braided. Usually cables like this are not as flexible and create rigid bends when twisted or manipulated the wrong way, but the Olivant Pro feels like a braided string that is easy to lay to the side while I move about my desk.

The USB adapter of the Tesoro Olivant Pro has an in-line remote control with volume adjustment and microphone mute button. A muted microphone is indicated by a blue LED on the in-line remote control.



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