The Awesomeness that was Quakecon 2012

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Quakecon 2012 looks to be a pivotal point in our timeline folks… read on to find out about the excitement and the fun that was Quakecon 2012!!!

The Awesomeness that was Quakecon 2012 quakecon 1

Quakecon – an annual phenomenon of unnatural power and proportions that descends upon Dallas Texas, usually resulting in the hottest temperatures of the year. 

The Awesomeness that was Quakecon 2012 quakecon 2

Quakecon 2012 – “The Year of the Mod”. Modders-Inc was blessed with the privilege and the honor of working the Quakecon modding contest. With the amazing support of our vendors, M-I was able to bring an incredible amount of prizes for give away and more specifically the modding contest winners. We had enough prizes to supply 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of the “Case Mod” and the “Scratch” build classes, as well as the id/Bethesda class mod category. “Case Mods” are just that. You start with a case and then customize it. “Scratch Build” entries were computers put in something that was not previously a computer case. The id/Bethesda class could be a case mod or a scratch build, but the qualifying attribute was that they had to be based on id/Bethesda Intellectual Property. So, with that synopsis of the classes, lets talk about the mods that placed!!


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