The Awesomeness that was Quakecon 2012

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“Fallout Terminal” – We were given the audience of a mod based on the Bethesda property “Fallout”. It was a computer shaped to look like one of the old terminals in the game, and the builder did a spot on job recreating the look! Using a custom built hot knife to cut down the foam (that was what the outside of the case was made of… foam), the foam was then painted with Martha Stewart paints and give multiple coats and washes of paint until the aged and weathered steel look was achieved.Some spots were given minor rust treatments to accent the age and weathered nature of the terminal. Included in the build are a fully functional and aged keyboard, embedded monitor and a custom interface that looks like the UI from Fallout…. along with a big red button (that did nothing…. so press it to your hearts content!) made for a build that was uniquely crafted and well executed! Very entertaining! 

The Awesomeness that was Quakecon 2012 quakecon 1 The Awesomeness that was Quakecon 2012 quakecon 2

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