The Awesomeness that was Quakecon 2012

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We would like to thank id/Bethesda for being given the chance to run with the case modding contest, for without your final decision and agreement, none of this would have happened. It was an amazing event that we look upon fondly and hope/pray/wish that we are given continued chances in the future to do again and again. We honestly loved doing it!!! 

We would like to thank all of the vendors there that assisted us and offered us guidance and advice all through out the con (since this was our first time as exhibitors), and even chipped in product for give aways…. THANK YOU! 

To our sponsors, we could not have done this without you! Your product now resides in the hands of some of the most rabid of PC enthusiasts! We thank you, and they thank you! Readers, please read the list below, and remember these company names as ones that *support* the PC enthusiast community. Remember them when you are considering future purchases, and support the companies that support us! 

FSP Group


To BAWLS, for keeping me fueled through my stupid tired days when I had not slept from the night before because I was gamining in the BYOC, I know that Tony, Vic and Dewayne cannot thank you enough for keeping me propped up! ;) 

To the Quakecon volunteer staff (specifically Bob and Mel), who time and again handled our questions for assistance or advice with grace, poise, humor and a heaping helping of patience… there is simply not enough “thank you” to put in words. 

But most of all, we would like to thank the fans! The enthusiast attendees that swung by our booth, not just for free stuff, but to enthusiastically represent and chat Modders Inc! To yell, scream and support us with your time, your energy (when that is a precious commodity at this event!), it is awe inspiring! We hope we gave you half as much enjoyment as you have given us! The giveaways are cool, and everyone one of you deserved them, it was such a blast to give them away to people! Being from the other side of the giveaways, I know the mentality. I have now been privy to be the recipient of prizes, as well as now *giving* them to you. 

You are all awesome! Between our modding contest prize pool and what we gave away, we had just about ~$12,500 in prizes to give away and you nut cases earned every bit of it! 

Hopefully the stars align and we here at Modders-Inc are given the chance to carry the torch yet again! Lord knows it is what we want to do! We learned a ton this year, and with that is the promise to make the next one even better! So, stay tuned, keep watching us, and MOD ON!!!! 

Much love to you all…



(As a side note, I wanted everyone to know that NZXT sent out a HUGE care package for the enthusiasts at Quakecon. Through no fault of their own, the package was delayed and did not arrive on time. I simply wanted all of you to know that even though their product did not make it out to Quakecon, they sent product that was to be used on you all. We are still determining the best way to use all of their gifts. Suffice it to say, they love you guys! :) )

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