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Tuniq TX-2 and TX-4 Thermal Compound Review

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Final Thoughts

You could spend all day comparing the various types of thermal compounds that are available on the market, and honestly you’re probably going to arrive at the conclusion that they are all separated by a mere 5-10% margin. There are a few brands that really stick out from the crowd and are well known to DIY builders and overclockers around the world. I believe that the Tuniq TX-4 fits in with some of the best brands on the market. It performed very well and has a price to performance ratio that is hard to beat.


The Tuniq TX-2 compound definitely performed better than expected. It was able to hold it’s own against it’s bigger brother, the TX-4. What it really boils down to, when buying thermal compound, is are you willing to spend the extra money for that 2-3 degree temperature difference.


The Tuniq TX-4 gets our recommended hardware award.

[sc:recommended_hardware_award ]


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