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VisionTek Announces Limited Edition CryoVenom Liquid Cooled Graphics Bundle

VisionTek Expands Liquid Cooled CryoVenom R9 290

Graphics Card Line With New Limited Edition Model

Created specifically for hardcore gamers, limited availability bundle with laser etched wooden crate,

t-shirt, and Battlefield 4 included with “the quietest, coolest, and fastest” AMD GPU

Special “income tax refund” promotion offers up to $32.50 savings on CryoVenom line

VisionTek CryoVenom Graphics Card

VisionTek Products LLC, announced it has expanded the award-winning CryoVenom™ R9 290 graphics card with a new Limited Edition model. Designed to appeal to hardcore gamers that desire the best gaming experience and the envy of the gaming community for owning an exclusive upgrade, the $650MSRP CryoVenom R9 290LE will be limited in availability to 100 units or less. As a special incentive for customers to spend their income tax refund on a CryoVenom purchase, VisionTek is offering a 5% discount promotion on the new LE model and the original $600MSRP CryoVenom R9 290 model until May 1, 2014.

Ideal for Liquid Cooled Experts and Novices

The CryoVenom R9 290LE is the ideal competitive advantage solution for PC modding enthusiasts and gamers who have an existing liquid cooled system or those that seek a nearly Plug and Play entry into this performance upgrade. After a VisionTek Custom Shop team member hand builds the card, the FurMark Benchmark GPU stress utility is employed to put a 100% load on each CryoVenom R9 290LE’s GPU for an extended time period to determine the optimum overclock setting. Those unique, certified overclock specifications are included on a hand-signed build sheet that are simply entered by the gamer into the Catalyst™ Control Center. Each card is then extensively pressure tested to ensure leak-free cooling reliability.

Lower Operating Temperature and Near Silent Operation

The CryoVenom R9 290LE provides maximum cooling performance for the GPU, RAM, and Voltage Regulation Module (VRM). Even under demanding 100% in-game usage, the card registers 125 degrees F, which is up to 38% cooler than a comparable air cooled card. Yet, unlike many air cooled graphics cards, the CryoVenom R9 290LE registers just 10dB of noise…comparable to the sound level of a pin drop. All that innovation adds up to where PC Magazine declared the CryoVenom R9 290 to be the “quietest, coolest, and fastest” AMD GPU they had ever tested.

Limited Edition for Those That Deserve the Best

Each limited edition CryoVenom R9 290LE ships in a custom manufactured wooden crate that boldly displays a laser etched CryoVenom logo. Whether used as a container for hauling gear to a LAN event or storing accessories in a gaming room, it will set a gamer apart from the crowd.

To enable a gamer make a highly visible statement that they rule the gaming world, a black t-shirt emblazoned with yellow CryoVenom logos is enclosed within the crate. It’s the perfect way to “inject” some special attitude into a gaming persona.

To take advantage of the CryoVenom R9 290LE capabilities, a redemption code for the highly acclaimed Battlefield 4™ first-person shooter game is included. This $49.99 value lets a gamer prove he/she has the moves and the gear that makes them reign supreme.

Pricing and Availability

Both the standard and new LE models of the CryoVenom R9 290 graphics card are immediately available to order directly from VisionTek. To receive the special “income tax refund” 5% discount, customers should use the coupon code CRYO5ALIVE during checkout by May 1, 2014.

For more information, or to purchase the new CryoVenom R9 290LE, visit: Here

For more information, or to purchase the standard CryoVenom R9 290, visit: Here

“For over two decades, VisionTek has been creating unique solutions for gamers and modding enthusiasts seeking to obtain maximum performance from their rigs,” said Mark Bilson, Executive Vice President of VisionTek. “If you want to take your gaming to the next level and have some exclusive swag to show off to your friends, our CryoVenom R9 290LE is the coolest, high-performance graphics bundle on the market.”

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