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Zalman CNPS10X Extreme Heat Pipe CPU Cooler

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Zalman CNPS10X Extreme Heat Pipe CPU Cooler CPU Cooler, Zalman 1

  The Zalman CNPS10x Extreme cooler at the time of this article will run you about $80 dollars and although it includes a fan is still rather expensive in my book.   The cooling potential that this cooler presented  wasn’t bad by any means.  In fact with the fan on High it got the highest score of the coolers presented here.  To me though the temps still fall flatly into the “average” category.   Marketed as an “Extreme” cooler I think that this cooler is aimed straight at the enthusiast market looking for lower scores not quiet cooling.  So I won’t take off too much for what I consider being “noisy”.  What’s really important here is that in the end the cooler does perform.   Honestly I might have just got a cooler with a bad fan but you can’t really know for sure.  I can only go with the the item I was given to review.  It’s also important to not that noise is also completely subjective and I might be more sensitive than another reviewer.     

  As I mentioned earlier in this article the amount of coolers out there to compete with in this market is incredible.   So many brands and companies fighting to be top dog in the world of Cooling.   There are plenty of other coolers to choose from who will cool just as well as the CNPS10x Extreme and not break your budget.    The Zalman does bring to the table several things that a lot of coolers don’t have though.   Like the included Blue LED fan and Power mate Remote that lets you fine tune the fan speeds.   The Zalman has some style to it that’s for sure and it is rock solid in the benchmarks when it comes down to it.   I think it’s up to the individual to decide if the price/performance is ratio is worth it to them for this cooler.  I personally can’t see myself dropping this much money on this cooler even with it’s extra features.   I think after launch though the price on this cooler will drop down in the range of most other coolers.  At that time the value of this cooler will make it a great choice.

Zalman CNPS10X Extreme awarded Recommended Hardware by Modders-Inc.com




+ supports upcoming i5
+ Power Mate / extension cable
+ Blue LED Fan Included

– Loud Fan
– Price vs. Performance

Modders-Inc Hardware Score


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