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Case Mods and PC Case Modding is what we do best and we like to make sure that you are kept up to date information, articles, and news about Computer Case Modding. We feature items like our Case Modders Spotlight, case modding how to, case modding contests, and other computer case modding articles.

Modder’s Tools: Canned Fire


Canned air is a staple in computer maintenance. Everyone knows what this stuff is: it delivers concentrated, cool, dry air into small spaces, and is often kept within arm’s reach of your desktop.   However, some people may not know how flammable this stuff is. For …

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Modder’s Tools: Make a Shining Soldering Iron


Soldering irons are a ubiquitous modding tool, but can also be major fire hazards if left unattended. I have a great Weller WLC100 soldering iron with one big problem: a very faint indicator light. The WLC100 is pictured above, with the indicator light on. This weak light is easy to …

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Modder’s Tools: Big Praise for Tiny Bags

IMG_0866 w - Copy

The more modding work you do, the more clutter you begin to accumulate. Small items like fasteners, fittings, plugs, etc. can be quickly lost or forgotten if not properly stored. That’s where tiny bags come in. They’re commonly called “plastic jewelry bags” and cost a …

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Project Eris by Darwin PC

Project Eris by Darwin PC

One of the things we link to do here at Modders-Inc is to showcase others mastery in case modding. There are so many different styles and process that in each one you can see the personality of the person who creates them. This goes forward …

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Alienware DIY Case Mod-Off Contest Voting Begins


In celebration of Alienware’s 20th anniversary, three premiere teams have been selected to compete in a one-of-a-kind Mod-Off! As you might have guessed, Modder’s Inc was one of the three teams with Michael Kraft, Craig Tait and our own CEO Dewayne Carel working together. The …

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GIGABYTE 30th Anniversary Liquid Cooling PC Mod Challenge

Gigabyte 30th Anniversary

Gigabyte is feeling generous for their 30th anniversary and is inviting one lucky system builder to hangout with them in Computex Taipei (May 31st to June 4th) where they will be able to showcase their mod in person and show off their system in the …

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Painting Steps to Achieve That Perfect Finish


Creativity drives us to be different. Or does it? Does our mind realize that we are being creative, or is this just normality, outside the norm of what people consider normal? Is creativity just inherent in some, but abnormal for others that cannot fathom these …

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Thermaltake 2016 Casemod Invitational Season 1 Launched

2016 Thermaltake Case MOD Invitational Season 1

The modders participating for the latest Thermaltake 2016 casemod invitational season 1 has been announced and as usual, it includes some of the best top modders worldwide. Eleven modders from Europe, US, Australia and Asia are competing for the top trophy, utilizing the latest Thermaltake …

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Project Alternate PC-in-a-Desk by Robert Deluce #CMCASEMOD2016

Project Alternate by Robert Deluce

The relationship between the user and their PC is an unusual one, almost like an owner to a pet. There is a lot more that goes on emotionally than simply spending the money and putting one together, that is why customizing a system completely with …

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The Wells Fargo Stage Coach by MPC #CMCASEMOD2016

Wells Fargo Stage Coach by MPC

Casemods come in various shapes and sizes. That is why seeing one always manages to surprise in some way because there’s a creative soul behind each one. While not all may understand the reason or the drive to create the mod, the passion poured in …

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