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NVIDIA GeForce Garage Video Series


For the past several weeks now ever since Mod24 was held, NVIDIA has been releasing a series of video tutorials from some of the best modders out there sharing some tips and techniques in entertaining and easy to follow tutorials. The show is hosted by NVIDIA’s Andrew Coonrad and featured modders include Lee Harrington of PCJunkieMods, Mike Landenberger of Lutroo ... Read More »

MSI Rig Modding Reloaded 2014 at ESGS Philippines


The E-Sports and Gaming Summit recently wrapped up in the SMX Convention center, inside Mall of Asia Manila, Philippines where some of their local modders showcased and faced off with their latest creations. In attendance is Cooler Master casemod champion Mhike Samsin of TantricModz who took the overview video of the casemodding event below. For more videos and photos of the ... Read More »

LDLC Modding Trophy 2014 at Paris Games Week


Paris Games Week 2014 is underway and part of the event is the LDLC Modding trophy where the best modders from France and neighbouring places compete for the top modding trophy.  Our latest featured mod this week from MathMilitary Modding was also part of the event (click here to read his interview and see the case he submitted) where he took ... Read More »

Announcing Mod24, The World’s First 24-Hour Livestreamed Modding Competition

24 hrs of modding

  Announcing Mod24, The World’s First 24-Hour Livestreamed Modding Competition. 6PM PDT, September 18th. Be There. | GeForce On September 18th we’re kicking-off an unprecedented, worldwide 24-hour celebration of PC gaming, and we’ll be streaming the event live in its entirety. Dubbed GAME24, this international event will encompass all aspects of PC gaming and hardware, and will feature exclusive announcements, ... Read More »

THOR Case Mod at QuakeCon 2014


Staff member and founder of Modders-Inc Dewayne Carel talks with Game Front about his case mod entry into the 2014 Modders-Inc Staff vs Staff case modding mod off. Read More »

2014 QuakeCon Case Modding Contest Winners

2014 QuakeCon Case Mod Contest Winners

For the third year in a row we, Modders-Inc, have been able to bring the case modding contest to QuakeCon. Over the three years the case mods showing up at QuakeCon have gotten better and it gets harder to pick the winners. This year we had five judges ranging from non modders to modders that have been doing it for ... Read More »