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Despicable Me Minions Computer Case Mod

Case Modder Ronnie Hara decided it was time for an new modding project and it would have to be something that everyone would recognize right away. What would more popular that one of the Minions for the Despicable Me movie series. Here is what Ronnie had to say about the build… ” Believe it will be a very fun theme ... Read More »

Cooler Master 2013 Case Mod Contest Winners

Once again there were some outstanding entries in the Cooler Master Case Mod Competition.  With a total of 81 case mods entered (31 in the Tower Mod division and 50 in the Scratch Mod division) it was a battle to the end to pick the winners. But the hard working judges, Cooler Master and with help from the public they ... Read More »

QuakeCon 2014 Computer Case Mod Contest

2014 QuakeCon Case Moddding Contest

Modders-Inc will be back as the host of the 2014 QuakeCon Case Mod Contest. Each year has become more successful for the modding community and for QuakeCon. Being so successful Modders-Inc was again asked to bring back our high level of professionalism to the largest and best case mod contest in the USA. Between our modding contest prize pool and ... Read More »

MSI Red Dragon Mod


It is a big modding world out there and this epic piece of art from Russia Ukraine certainly deserves some attention. It appears to be fully scratch built, primarily of aluminum parts . The design features the signature MSI red Dragon on a sword and shield frame. Aside from sporting an MSI Gaming motherboard and video card, the mod uses ... Read More »

Vote and Win in the CM Case Mod 2013 Showdown


Cooler Master’s Case Mod 2013 contest is currently under way and voting is open until February 16, 2014. Previous year’s winners include Paul Tan’s Titanium PC and Masbuskado modding’s Opprezor. There are 31 tower-mod entries this year including two of our previously featured mods: Jim Weist’s Grey Matter and Jesse Palacio’s Centurion and there are also 48 scratch-built cases to ... Read More »

Michael Kaiser’s UNFORGIVEN ~ A Metallica Tribute Case Mod Covers CPU Magazine

Michael Kaisers Unforgiven

Michael Kaiser’s who has just been Modders-Inc. Featured Case MOD  for Unforgiven Metallica Tribute MOD has earned the coveted cover of Computer Power User, CPU Magazine. Digital Edition. Michael shared with Modders-Inc. some details and insight to this build when he was selected MODDERS-Inc Featured Case Mod: Featured Case MOD I’ve said for the last 4 months, this ... Read More »

Lutro0 Customs to take BITCOINS using bitpay systems


Hello LC(ers), As you know LC has a large Skrypt Mining Operation itself and since we do support ALTCurrencies it was only right that we offered the ability for you the customer to purchase Lutro0 Custom Goods with BitCoin. We will be using the bitpay system and BitCoin is the only currency we will be accepting automatically. We are also ... Read More »

Mod Of The Year 2013 – The Winners |

Last year was yet another incredible one for PC modding, with our forums playing host to hundreds of beautiful, bizarre and blinged-up case mods and scratch built cases. Everything from tiny Raspberry Pi SoCs to gargantuan E-ATX systems with multiple graphics cards were catered for with themes ranging from an homage to the Wright brothers memorial to Doctor Who’s Tardis. ... Read More »

CES 2014 Case Modders and Builders of the Show

Case Mods of CES 2014

CES 2014 Case Modders and Builders of the Show What I’m presenting to you since I’m not at the show is pics and details I could scrounge up. They are after all, busy and working hard… Yea like you would believe that? The “WORK” is done and they deserve a break and time to celebrate the MOD, the year, the ... Read More »