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Read our reviews on cooling fans for your PC. You know you want to keep your computer cool so having the right fans will do the trick.

Reeven Six Eyes II Fan Controller Review: Rediscovering the Joys of Analog

Reeven Six Eyes II Fan Controller

Fan control is a feature integrated in some PC cases but that is not quite an accurate word to use considering these are mostly two or three-step voltage presets with fan hubs. Control should only apply if there is nuance present and a certain level …

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Noctua Industrial PPC Fans Revisited: 24V Models and Chromax Colour Accessories

Noctua Industrial PPC 24V

Known for its signature brown colour as well as its silent performance, Noctua’s fans come easily recommended for those with thermal concerns but a bit of a hit-or-miss when it comes to system aesthetic integration. Many are not too fond of the brown and flesh …

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Reeven Four Eyes Touch (RFC-03) Fan Controller Review: Look, and DO Touch


With the optical drive phased out in most modern PCs, the 5.25″ external drive bay is feeling a bit of an “empty nest” syndrome. This space however, can be put to good use by adopting a fan controller that serves to provide thermal management much …

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Under Pressure: Parvum F1.0 VS NoiseBlocker eLoop B12.2 Static Pressure Fan Comparison

Parvum VS Noiseblocker

It hasn’t been since the last few years that the case fan has evolved from the same standard design to companies now introducing fans that serve a specific component purpose. With watercooling setups becoming more and more common among mainstream systems, it was only a …

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Noctua NF-A4, A8 and A9 Fans: Mighty Whispers

Noctua A4

Ever notice how smaller breed of dogs are usually meaner such as the Chihuahua? It is usually because they are over compensating for their size compared to larger dogs which generally have a more docile temperament. This applies to cooling fans as well with larger …

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Noctua IndustrialPPC Fans Review

Noctua NF-A14 Industrial PPC 2000

A tiger can’t change its stripes nor can a leopard change its spots so when fans asked Noctua to abandon their tan and brown signature colors and adopt generic black fan designs, did they really expect it to happen? The Noctua color scheme is as …

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Noctua Redux Fan Series Review

Noctua Redux Series

  A fleet of new fans from Noctua have recently been introduced abandoning the familiar warm brown and flesh tones for colder gray bodies, not to capitalize on the current “Walking Dead” nerd zombie craze but as an answer to public demand for alternate color …

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Enermax T.B.VEGAS SINGLE 120 mm Fan


Computer cases many or many not come with cooling fans. If they do it might include one which might not be enough to help keep your hardware cool. Your search for some cooling fans begin with your standard fan and if you want to add …

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Cooler Master JetFlo Series Fans Review

Cooler Master JetFlo 120mm Blue LED Fan

Much like the government, most people just want cooling fans to shut up and do their job. We tolerate the noise both create if they are effective but most people would prefer something that gets the task done without creating a lot of unnecessary rattling. …

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NZXT FZ-200 Airflow Fan Series 200mm fan


  NZXT, being no stranger to the world of PC gamers and enthusiasts, manufactures many different products just for gamers and enthusiasts. They have been busy of late with a their latest fan series, and in particular their new NZXT FZ-200 Airflow Fan Series 200mm …

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