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Thermaltake Poseidon Z RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Poseidon Z RGB

When it comes down to mechanical keyboards, there are a lot of options to choose from. Keyboards range from a plain mechanical-only keyboard all the way to keyboards with RGB LED lighting, multiple macro keys, USB ports, and audio ports. Switch options vary as well.  …

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The Tesoro Olivant Pro is headset with a straightforward design and an exotic name. The Olivant comes in two variants, standard and Pro with the Pro featuring virtual 7.1 Surround Sound. I have never been a fan of virtual surround sounds as earlier takes on …

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Roccat Kave XTD 5.1 Digital Headset Review

Roccat Kave XTD 5.1 Digital Headset

The headset market is jam packed with products. It seems like every major manufacturer has at least one headset on their product page. Some headsets standout amongst the crowd while others leave you thinking “What were you guys thinking when this was produced?” Movie and …

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Tt eSports Ventus Gaming Mouse Review


Are you a left handed person? Have you been browsing through the bins at The Leftorium but still haven’t found what you are looking for? Have you found that left handed crescent wrench yet? Well, I may not be able to help you with the …

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CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i Keyboard Review

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i

Cooler Master’s QuickFire Rapid was the first and perhaps the most popular mechanical keyboard from their CM Storm line. The critical and user response to the QFR was overwhelmingly positive due to its affordable price and excellent built quality. Since then, Cooler Master has diversified …

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SilverStone Ensemble EB01-E USB DAC Review EB01-E 844761010614, Aidan Moore, EB01-E, Ensemble, Review, SilverStone, SST-EB01S-E, USB DAC

The Silverstone EB01–E DAC is the companion product in both form and function to the SilverStone EB-03 headphone amplifier. Together, these two components make up the current SilverStone Ensemble Series audiophile grade audio components. via SilverStone Ensemble EB01-E USB DAC Review EB01-E 844761010614, Aidan Moore, …

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Patriot Stellar 64GB Review (Page 1 of 8) | APH Networks

When you buy a new device nowadays like a laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone, there are quite a number down the specifications list to keep in mind, such as the processor speed, amount of RAM, and its weight. Of course, none can overlook the …

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Genius GX Manticore Gaming Keyboard Review

GX Gaming Manticore Keyboard

The mythical Manticore title might be the perfect name for the latest keyboard offering from Genius’ GX Gaming line as it is exotic yet familiar at the same time. It is made up of several features that users have come to expect from a high-end …

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Patriot Memory announces new ultraportable Autobahn USB 2.0 drive

  Patriot Memory announces the availability of the new ultraportable Autobahn USB 2.0 drive. Designed for those looking for excellent USB 2.0 performance and high capacity in a micro sized form factor, the Patriot Autobahn is less than 18mm in length and becomes barely noticeable …

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ADATA Unveils Miniature USB Flash Drive the DashDrive Durable UD310


ADATA Reveals Tiny, Gem-Like USB Flash Drive – DashDrive Durable UD310 Water Resistant Data Storage in a Compact Profile  ADATA Technology a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash storage application products, today announces the release of the DashDrive™ Durable UD310 USB Flash …

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