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ASUSTOR AS1002T v2 NAS: Redefining Home Storage

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ASUSTOR Start-up Wizard

Note: The software functionality and appearance is identical to the AS1002Tv1. The following section has been taken and modified from my previous review of AS1002T which could be found here.

Configuring the ASUSTOR AS1002T v2 is straightforward. After you have installed your drives and powered on NAS used ASUSTOR Control Center to locate your device on the network. In my case, my DHCP leased IP address of If you navigate to this IP address via the browser you can get started. You have two choices to install ADM on the device, ASUSTOR Live Update or Manual Update ADM. With Manual Update, you will need to provide a valid .img file.

Download of the ADM, partitioning of the drives and, the update takes roughly two minutes. After the successful Initialization, a Welcome screen is presented with a couple of options on how to proceed.(1-Click Setup or Custom Setup).

1-Click Setup allocates Maximum capacity to be used with provided drives. In the Custom Setup, you have the option to choose RAID levels in a multi-disk NAS. Once you have chosen your protection level Partitioning and set up will continue on the next screen. This process can take up to 5 minutes.

If you would like to (I strongly recommend) Register you NAS you can do it on this screen. If you prefer to Register at a later time, you can do that as well.

Once the installation is complete you will be presented with ASUSTOR Data Master Welcome screen.

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  1. Hi – I am planning on buying this or maybe its big brother 1004 v2 – my main goal is to use it as my music library, so sendikg hi res files (multichanbel is about 400 mb per song) shouldn’t be a problem? Nas —> Nvidia Shield -> AVR (no wifi, only cable)

  2. Hello,

    If you are looking for NAS repository for your music then this is a pretty good device to have on your network. If you have mp3s and plan to stream from the device then that wouldn’t be an issue. When you start to get in to lossless audio like flac and dsd/dts streaming these formats from 1004v2 i do not recommend. If you looking for a 2 bay NAS you should look in to something newer like AS 4002T.
    Reach out to me via e mail if you have any more questions.

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