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be quiet! Pure Base 500 Window Black: Review

Pure Base 500

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Final Thoughts

The be quiet! Pure Base 500 is an excellent case for users who want reduced sound from their components.  Pure Base 500 has a stylish and simple design that works.  The installation of components in this Mid-sized ATX case is very straight forward.  The ability to customize internal space for custom water-cooling is a breeze.  The front of the case can easily accommodate a large 360mm radiator.  In my build, I used an AIO CPU cooling loop with a top-mounted 240mm radiator which was installed without issues. Cable management in be quiet! Pure Base 500 is pretty good as well.  The internal cable shrouds could be used to make your case nice and neat by hiding your cables.  The tempered glass window is a great way to show off your internal components and it is pretty easy to remove as it has thumb screws to support it.

The Price of the be quiet! Pure Base 500 Window edition is $119.99 on Amazon and I think the price is a little bit on the high side for this case.  Similar tempered glass cases sell for about $70 USD.  Pure Base 500 has a strong build with good customizable features in addition to sound insulation mats and included fans.  With that said, if the price is no object and you are looking for a simple but yet fully functional Mid-sized case Pure Base 500 might be a good fit for you.

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